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So...what really is Chiropractic? What you really need to know!

Posted on 23 September 2017

You might ask yourself...what really is Chiropractic? Everyone has an opinion on what it is, however, most of those opinions are incorrect! Due to misinformation, most do not really understand what we do, or the education involved to become a chiropractor. Chiropractic is based on the spine. The important thing about the spine is that it houses the most important system in the entire body. It is called the central nervous system. People misconstrue chiropractic because ultimately, we are working on the spine, but they think we are just treating neck and back pain. The reality of it however, is that it is so much more than that.

The nervous system is the communication system of the body. Communication cannot happen between the brain and the body if there is interference between them. Much like a telephone call with bad signal. You wont be able to hear the other person on the line. A term known as subluxation is what can be looked at as the reason for the bad signal during a telephone call. You might be asking yourself now, what is a subluxation? A subluxation is a misalignment in the spine causing the signals between the brain and the body to become disrupted. The body cannot communicate with the brain when there is a subluxation in the spine. 



The way to know if you have a subluxation is by getting it checked. Just like a cavity, you do not experience any symptoms initially. The only way to know that you have a cavity is by getting it checked out. Subluxation is the same way in the sense that you may not be experiencing any symptoms and the only way to know is by getting it checked out at your local chiropractic office.

What does the doctor look for when identifying subluxations? There are a few different things that the doctor looks for during your exam and x-ray findings. The first and most important thing is the curvature of the spine. Or as I'd like to call it, the arc of life. The second thing the doctor checks for are the disc spaces, to make sure that they are all well maintained. And lastly, the doctor checks for any boney formations or any signs of degeneration in the spine.

So now that you know what chiropractic care entails, are YOU ready to get your spine checked?

Contact us today to get your spine CHECKED OUT.

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