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X-Ray Studies

With an in depth x-ray study the doctor will help you understand exactly what your spine should look like and what it actually looks like. With the information gained from the x-ray study as well as the thorough examination, the doctor will create a custom tailored treatment plan that fits you and not a one size fits all treatment plan. At Wellness Evolved Chiropractic, it is crucial that the doctor makes sure that patients are treated correctly through x-ray visuals. 

Why does the doctor need x-rays? It is important that the doctor has x-rays as a way to identify any issues or problems with the spinal disc or joints. X-rays are only effective for pin pointing any issues with joints and bones, but not with soft tissues. The doctor will not order an x-ray at random. 

If the patient is pregnant, the doctor will not order x-rays under any circumstances. 

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