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Metagenics Supplementation

Metagenics supplements are created for the sole purpose to help patients reach their genetic potential through nutrition. There is something for everyone- from blood sugar balance, cardiometabolic health, children health, women and men's health, stress management, neurological health, and muscle, bone and joint health.

You might be asking yourself, what is metagenics supplementation? It's main reason for creation is to treat the main cause of different illnesses through science-based nutrition. Different supplements were created and geared towards different illnesses, such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and high blood pressure. With metagenics, Wellness Evolved Chiropractic strives to promote a healthier lifestyle, alongside metagenics care. With taking the right amount of supplements, nutrients, vitamins, staying active, and having a healthy lifestyle with stress management, metagenics and chiropractic care can help manage various chronic illnesses.

Wellness Evolved Chiropractic puts you on the path to start healing from the inside out. Metagenics supplementation and your regular adjustments will help you get closer to achieving your health goals, and ultimately, have a healthier life. 


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